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Restaurierung / Konservierung alter Thangkas

Amitayus Thangka

Before Conservation The areas outlined in red mark the 'before - after' comparisons on the following detailed photos Before - After [1] Before - After [2] Before - After [3] Before - After [4] Before - After [5] After Conservation

In former times rainfall in the Himalayan region was low. In recent years changes in climate have brought increasing heavy downpours of rain and this has seeped through the flat clay roofs of old monasteries causing damage not only to the interior structure of monasteries but also artefacts inside.

The old mineral paints used are not water resistant and thus water damage has caused colour loss and defects to the thangka. Rainwater seepage has caused damage on a vertical axis about 10 cm wide in the centre of the image.

At the request of the owner of the thangka, large areas were not restored or only slightly restored in order to preserve the old character of the picture.