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Tsaglis / Tsaklis

Tibetan Buddhist miniature paintings

1. Avalokiteshvara - 13 x 18 cm | € 85  2. Avalokiteshvara 3. Amogasiddhi 4. Avalokiteshvara Lokeshvar 5. Amitabha 6.Dakini 7. Grüne Tara 8. Kubera 9. Manjushri 10. Milarepa 11. Samantabhadra 12. Ratnasambhava 13. Stupa 14. Ushnishavijaya 15. Vairocana 16. Vajradhara 17. Vajrasattva 18. Weiße Tara 19. Maitreya 20. Akshobhya

Tsagli [also »tsakli« or »tsakalis«] are Tibetan Buddhist miniature paintings, normally produced as thematic groups or sets, which are used in rituals as initiation cards, and in the training of monks. Examples of this miniature art are also known from Mongolia.

The subjects found on tsakli are similar to the better known larger Tibetan thangka scroll paintings on cloth, but much simpler, usually showing only a single deity, or a pair. The subjects are usually deities or ritual objects and offerings associated with these deities are represented on the tsaklis. Occasionally, Tibetan inscriptions on the backside can identify the subjects which are painted on the front.

The tsakli which are normally painted in sets which can comprise from 6 to almost 100 small paintings of similar subjects are used as offerings in temples or in rituals. For example, before a temple building is started, the area can be marked with tsakli representing protective deities. In this case they are mounted on small wooden sticks. Similarly tsakli can be used by a buddhist lama to remove evil influences from a sick person, from a tree which does not bear fruit or a stack of grain which is going to be thrashed.] A tsakli can also be placed in a portable shrine or box [Tibetan »gau«] and carried as a device giving protection to the traveller or pilgrim who carries this box around the neck or on a shoulder strap.

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You can order Tsaglis in two sizes: 9 x 11 cm or 5.2 x 4.2 " | 13 x 18 cm. The price of the larger size is: $ 92.00 | 85.00 €. The larger format in our photo gallery is Tsagli No. 1. You can easily see how more details can be shown in this image when compared with Tsagli No. 2.

Measurements: 3.5 x 4.3" | 9 x 11 cm
Price: 54 $ | 50 €
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Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors
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