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Dharmapala Medical Thangkas on DVD

Complete set of 77 Medical Thangkas available on TIF Format

DVD Image DVD Cover Medical Thangka No. 58 on our website 514 x 608 px. Detail of Medical Thangka on DVD Nr. 58 auf der DVD: 4271 x 5022 px. - 61 mb

To better view the excellent craftmanship and detailed refinement unique to Dharmapala Thangkas, we are pleased to make available a "Medical Thangka DVD." This high quality DVD, which allows you to access and enjoy high resolution scans of all Medical Thangkas created by Dharmapala Thangka Centre in the file format TIF [average filesize: 65 MB - total size 4.37 GB], can be purchased for 30.45 € [from Germany] or 33.70 € [from Europe 44.50 € [from other countries] including shipment costs.

The DVD contains a complete collection of scans of all 77 Medical Thangkas.The minimal 4163 x 4900 pixel resolution of this DVD brings to life the very special quality of Dharmapala Thangkas and enables one to appreciate more fully these works of art in a way not available to the JPEG format on this website.

The TIF files show the medical paintings more than twice as large as the original paintings.

The children's charity organization "Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V." receives a donation of 50% of the purchase price [less shipment] for their work in the slums of Kathmandu. More than 300 children are cared for there by our association [food, education, kindergartens, health]. Young Nepalese who spent their childhood in our former orphanage and were trained by us are working there.

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30.45 €
33.70 €
44.50 €
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