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Dharmapala Thangkas on CD

CD image Thumbnails 1 - 40 Thumbnails 41 - 80 Thumbnails 81 - 100 Content 1 Content 2 Website: 450 x 332 px.

To better view the excellent craftmanship and detailed refinement unique to Dharmapala Thangkla Centre paintings, we are pleased to offer a "Thangka Photo DVD" for 33.00 € outside Europe or 23.50 € Europe or 21.45 € Germany including shipment.

This high quality Photo DVD allows you to access and enjoy high resolution photographs [3072 x 2048] of 100 thangkas . The photos of this DVD brings to life the very special quality of Dharmapala Thangkas and enables one to appreciate more fully these works of art in a way not available to the photos on this website.

The DVD contains 100 Thangka images in three file formats:

File format Ø File Size Ø Resolution
1. PCD [Kodak] 5.0 MB 2048 x 3072
2. JPEG 4.6 MB 2000 x 2700
3. PNG 8.6 MB 1900 x 2400

The children's charity organization "Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V." receives a donation of 50% of the purchase price [less shipment] for their work in the slums of Kathmandu. More than 300 children are cared for there by our association [food, education, kindergartens, health]. Young Nepalese who spent their childhood in our former orphanage and were trained by us are working there.

You can order by e-mail or order and pay by paypal:

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23.50 €
33.00 €

Shipment: Registered Letter from Germany