Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V.Charity Organization for Nepalese Slum Children

Our Work in Nepal

"Kinderhilfe Nepal" is a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting schooling and education for children in Nepal. The project takes care of about 300 children from three slum communities in Kathmandu. Likewise, Children are taken care in the Kindergarten when their mothers are at work. Health post are also built for providing required health facilities for children and mothers. In addition, all the children gets a balanced diet that contains vitamins, proteins and minerals.

The children who have never been to school are taught in our classrooms so that they can go to the government school after one year. Likewise, Children's Relief Nepal also distributes drinking water and organizes health education programs for the mothers.

After the great earthquake in April 2015, the association is also working for the village of Mudhku near Kathmandu, where so far around twenty houses been built for earthquake victims.

The association is also working with the Nepal Association for Children's Care and Education, which was founded for special purpose. The project was founded during our second visit to Nepal in April 1989. The main idea to establish this foundation was to contribute in fighting poverty that has affected a large part of the Nepalese population by providing direct help that is as effective as possible.

Nepal is land locked country that lies between India and China, making it completely dependent on them. Tourism being the main source of income in Nepal, brings major problems: for example, the environmental destruction caused by some trekking industries in the mountains. About 90% of the population lives in the countryside. However, in the mountain and some hilly regions the majority male population wok as porters for the tourists because of poverty and lack of education and the women works at home and farms. Inflation is growing and political unrest is complicating the lives of the majority of the people.

Government schools do not provide good education and facilities. Therefore, many private schools of various levels flourish, making a huge business from the school fees.

The cost of the whole project in Nepal is about 5000 euros per month. Information costs as well as the costs of all visits to Kathmandu is taken care by Elisabeth Montet herself since the foundation of the association, and the whole amount of the donated money goes to the project.

Every four months we send an information letter to all donors, who receive a donation receipt at the end of the year that is deductible in their tax return.

Sincere thanks on behalf of "our" children to everyone who has supported us so far. Everyone who wants to get to know "Children's World" and the work in the living community of the slums is awaited with joy in Kathmandu.

With warm regards.
Elisabeth Montet

P.S.: You can follow the development of our project in our newsletters with which we regularly inform about our work on the ground and the conditions in Nepal