Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V.Charity Organization for Nepalese Slum Children

Life Story of Sangita


Dear Friends

l was a 4 years old girl as my mother brought me to "Children"s World". She had difficulties to feed her 3 children and worked the whole day in a carpet factory. My father was most of the time not staying with us. l was despaired to be left alone and l cried during many days: l didn't know how to behave, l was unhappy and l do not have good memories from my first years with the other children. l didn't feel loved by anyone and l was terribly afraid to be punished. l had the great Chance to be admitted in St. Mary's School, the best school of Kathmandu, which has been created by German Catholic Sisters.

The whole teaching was made in English and we could speak this language fluently very soon. The problem is that l had a lot of mental disturbances during this period: l worried about my mother who was alcohol addicted, and my results became so bad that l decided to leave the school to take care of my Mum because she was often sleeping on the street. l deeply believed that l could help her to quit alcohol.

Kinderhilfe Nepal paid my school fees in another school where l could finish my studies. The years with my Mum were horrible, and l was also taking care of my brother and my sister. When my father came home, he was beating me very badly, and after four years l came back to "Children's World" to finish my College. My good luck came through one of my friends who gave me an announcement from the newspaper: Girls in my age were searched to work in the Emirates. Because of my very good English, they sent me to Dubai where l worked first at H&M and then in the duty free shop of Dubai's Airport. Even if l had to send money to my mother and to pay the school expenses for my brother and my sister, it was for me a true liberation to be separated from all the trouble happening in Kathmandu.

After sometimes l met Bassel, a Syrian young man, who was working in the same Company. For the first time in my life l felt loved and cared by somebody. Since girls and boys in Dubai cannot live together, we married already after 3 months and we were very happy. But soon l got a phone call from Kathmandu: My mother had committed suicide by drinking pesticides. l had to go back to Nepal for a while to arrange the Situation, and it was a very hard time. After sometimes. Bassel and i got our baby daughter Naya in Dubai. We were very happy, but Bassel could not go back to Syria because of the war and Naya could not get any nationality. Only because of that, we decided to go all 3 to Nepal and now Naya is registered as a Nepali citizen because she is my daughter. Bassel has to ask again and again for a resident visa.

We could have gone as refugees to some developed country, but Bassel likes Nepal very much. At the beginning it was quite hard to survive in Kathmandu, but he decided to open a Syrian restaurant which is now running very well, l work half-day to help him and l take care of Naya who is now 7 years old and is going to an International school. She is speaking Nepali and English perfectly and we hope to give her the opportunity to have a good future. One thing is sure: If my mother wouldn't have brought me to "Children's World" 30 years ago, l would be without education and live in great poverty. l am full of gratitude that l could face a better life through the help of Kinderhilfe Nepal, l want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and l wish to all of you