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Five Live Stories

The later life of four of our former orphanage children

1. Sangita


l was a 4 years old girl as my mother brought me to "Children"s World". She had difficulties to feed her 3 children and worked the whole day in a carpet factory.

My father was most of the time not staying with us. l was despaired to be left alone and l cried during many days: l didn't know how to behave, l was unhappy and l do not have good memories from my first years with the other children.

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2. Dev Dahal

Dev Dahal

My name is Dev Dahal. l was born in the year 1983 in the village of Sinduli [South Nepal] as one of the six children of an extreme poor Brahmin family. My father worked for the equivalence of today 10 Euro per month as a helper in the district Office.

My mother took care of our very small farm which could not give enough for all of us and she had to help in other farms to earn money. The only dream that we had as children was: FOOD!

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3. Bhagat Tamang

Tenzing Norbu Lama

As l was 4 years old, 28 years ago, l was working with 8 other small children in a carpet factory.

At that time, Elisabeth Mama came, took us all away from this hard work and she created "Children's World" supported by Kinderhilfe Nepal. You all started to take care of us as well as of 60 other children.

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4. Tenzing Norbu Lama

Tenzing Norbu Lama

My name is Tenzing Norbu Lama, l was born in Nepal's most remote district called Dolpa. My parents were very poor farmers and we lived from our products.

My father had to ride by horse during 6 days to the n next bigger village

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5. Goma


My name is Goma. l am the child of a poor farmer's family of North Nepal living in the Himalayas. At the age of four, I fully lost my sight due to Typhoid. I cannot remember the colors of life. I only remember what is light.

While my parents and my 6 siblings were working on the fields, l stayed at home cooking, cleaning and washing for the whole family. l was burning my fingers by making fire. As l was 7, my father decided to bring me to Kathmandu to try to find some help for me.

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