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Mayas letter December, 2022

Maya Lama My mother †

December 2022

Dear friends,

I am 34 years old and i was admitted in "Children's World", Kathmandu, with my elder brother as l was two, because we had no father and my mother was illiterate and homeless. At the beginning l missed my Mum a lot, but she came to see us regularly and she was happy to see that my brother and l could grow up so well, l enjoyed my life in "Children's World" then we could play and go to school in our nice uniforms. Poor people could not afford the costly school expenses for their children and it is the same today.

I was a naughty child. When somebody asked me: "What is your favorite hobby?", l always answered: "Sleeping!", because l spent most of my free time to sleep and l was famous for that. l was not the best in my class, but l passed my School Leaving Certificate after 10 years Secondary School with satisfactory marks. l did not want to study at the university and l chose to study Lab assistant After 3 years l got my diploma and l could find a Job very quickly.

As I was 20, l decided to marry. Since l never had a true family, it was important for me to have my own small family as soon as possible and l asked my mother to search a husband for me. In Nepal most of the people are getting married through arranged marriages, especially because the parents do not ailow their children to marry someone from another cast. Love marriages are happening more and more, but the mentaiity of our society is changing very, very slowly. l was lucky because l got a very loving man. He is working in a garage repairing motorbikes. l earn 15.000 Rupies per month, ca. 115 €, and he 20.000, ca. 153 €. We have one son, 12 years old, and one daughter, 10 months old. It is very difficult to live in Kathmandu with so less money especially because we have to pay very high school fees for our eider son.

As it is usual in Nepal for a woman, l am living with the parents of my husband in their small house and we are lucky because we do not have to pay the rent, but we have to pay all the necessary expenses for my parents-in-law, especially the medicines and the doctors. l have fulfilled my dream to have a nice, loving family and the only worry is the constant need of money: It is never enough. My beloved mother - see photo - died last January, and l am missing her a lot. She was an extreme simple woman and couldn't educate me and my brother, but she did her best, and l loved l her so much. At the end of her life she lived with my sister-in-law according to the Nepal! tradition. My brother worked for two years in Saudi Arabia and he was sending money to them. Now he is back in Kathmandu, but he is in a very bad Situation because he is suffering of depression.

I don't know if l would be alive if Kinderhilfe Nepal would not have taken care of me and l will never forget the great support that l got from you.

I am happy to have the Chance to thank you today with my whole heart and to wish you a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

Maya Lama