Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V.Charity Organization for Nepalese Slum Children

Letter of Goma December, 2023

Dear German Friends,

My name is Goma. l am the child of a poor farmer's family of North Nepal living in the Himalayas. At the age of four, l fully lost my sight due to Typhoid. l cannot remember the colors of life. l only remember what is light. While my parents and my 6 siblings were working on the fields, l stayed at home cooking, cleaning and washing for the whole family. l was burning my fingers by making fire. As l was 7, my father decided to bring me to Kathmandu to try to find some help for me. It was a very long journey because at that time, there was no road to Kathmandu and most of the time, he had to carry me on his back. Only later we could take a bus. Fortunately, we were able to contact Kinderhilfe Nepal through the help of the Nepal Association for the Blind. This was the time as life really started for me. Though l missed my family, l was happy to live with sighted children who helped me for so many things. l went to a school for blind children and got a private teacher. Because l had very good results, Kinderhilfe Nepal sent me to Delhi, India, to live with other blind girls, but during the day l went to a good school with normal children. Life in India was difficult for me: The weather was extremely hot, l had to join eider students and to struggle with much higher levels of studies than In Nepal, l was taught in Hindi, which was really hard for me. l did my every best and with your kind help, l continued my studies at the university of Delhi and completed a Bachelor in Arts. Then l went to Mumbai and achieved a master in Human Resources and Labor Relations in 2012.

l got immediately a Job at the TATA Company and met very soon a blind boy who was already working in a big Company as assistant manager in a Share Market Regulating Company. We married after 2 years and life started to be very diffi-cult for me: In our countries the married women have to stay with the husband's parents. My father-in-law was dead and my-mother-in-law did not like me. My husband and his family belong to the brahmin caste, the highest caste in the Hindu religion, and she considers me as not good enough for her son. We are now living since ten years together, but we dislike each other very much and we rarely speak with each-other. l was blessed with the birth of a son, Ved, who is suffering from this Situation, but we are not able to change it.

Since l am blind, l didn't want my mother-in-law to interfere in the education of my child and l employed a lady who comes daily to take care of him and of the household. All my friends and colleagues, not only the blind women, are enduring the same disputes and many of them Start now to divorce. The husbands are most of the time silent between mother and wife, wich is not making the Situation better. The most important for me is to educate my son to be a kind and understanding person and to give him the best possibilities for his future. Many people think that it is not good for a child to have blind parents, but Ved never complains about that and we are always very careful not to be a burden for him.

l am writing this letter to express all my gratitude to you: Thanks for your great support during so many years l could study and got a very well-paid Job. Though we are blind, my husband and l are earning very well and we have a comfortable life. l feel privileged to have reached this joint in life as a blind ßgirl while all my sighted brothers and sisters lave a difficult life and have to face a lot of financial problems. All his has only been possible through your continuous support and one of my aims is to also help needy children in future.

l wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year 2024! You shall always remain in my heart.

Your Goma

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