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A 10 % share from each sold Dharmapala Centre painting in the Internet
is donated to our children care organization  in Kathmandu / Nepal


Earthquake in Nepal


"Children's Aid Nepal"is an incorporated society recognised by the German fiscal authorities and a non-profit association that aims at the promotion of schooling and education of children in Nepal. The project looks after around 500 children from three slum areas in Kathmandu. A kindergarten looks after the children whilst their mothers go out to work and it runs two health centers. Furthermore all children receive daily a type of milk pudding with added minerals and vitamins.

The children who had never been to school are taught the alphabet in our classrooms so that after a year they can go to the state school.

In addition "Children's Aid Nepal" distributes drinking water and organizes health advice programmes for the mothers.

Since the big earthquake in April 2015 the society helps the village of Mudhku near Kathmandu where twenty houses are being built for the victims of the earthquake.

Our society cooperates with the Nepalese association "Nepal Association for Children's Care and Education" which has been founded only for this purpose. The idea for the project came in April 1989 during our second visit to Nepal and arose from the wish to give direct and effective help. 60% of the Nepalese live in utter poverty and we did not want to watch that helplessly and inactively. Most children are forced to work from age seven to support their family - if they have one - and schooling is out of the question for them. In the meantime 20 of the children have reached autonomy, they have made their high school degree and are now in college.
Life in Nepal is difficult.

The country lies embedded between India and China and therefore is depending on both. Nepal's most important source of income is tourism, which brings about big problems such as ecological destruction caused by imprudent trekking in the mountains. 90% of the population live in rural areas. The men try to work as porters for tourists while the women cannot deal with the scarce crop on their own. Inflation is increasing and political unrest makes life difficult. After twelve years of civil war fragile peace was made and the king had to resign from any kind of political activity.

The alliance of the different parties strives to form a government together with the Maoist rebels and to organise elections soon. Over 13.000 people lost their lives in this conflict. Still there is no real security for the Nepalese and tourism has declined remarkably, both of which makes the life of the Nepalese even more miserable.

The state schools do not offer reasonable education, which is why a vast array of private schools with different levels is thriving and making lots of profits with the fees.
The monthly total costs for the entire project in Nepal are 5000 Euros. Since the founding of the society Elisabeth Montet herself bears all the costs for information and the visits to Kathmandu, so the total of all donations goes to the project.

Every four months we issue a newsletter for all our donators, who will receive quittances for their donations at the end of the year, because they are tax deductible. Of course we would prefer standing orders, as they give us more security. However, one-time donations are very welcome.

In the name of all our children we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters. Everyone, who wants to visit "Children's World" and the work of our community in the slums will be received gladly in Kathmandu.

We hope that we can win new "parents" and friends with this brochure and send you our best regards.

Elisabeth Montet

P. S.: You can follow the development of our project in thenewsletters with which we regularly inform about our work and the conditions in Nepal.

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In Nepal:
"Children´s World" - Nepal Association for Children´s Care and Education, Ga/642, Battisputali, Ward No. 9, Old Baneshwar, Kathmandu - Nepal.  Phone: 495165 or 9810-26401