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Life Story of Dev Dahal

Dev Dahal

Dear Friends

My name is DEV DAHAL. l was born in the year 1983 in the village of Sinduli [South Nepal] as one of the six children of an extreme poor Brahmin family. My father worked for the equivalence of today 10 Euro per month as a helper in the district Office. My mother took care of our very small farm which could not give enough for all of us and she had to help in other farms to earn money. The only dream that we had as children was: FOOD! We ate only maize porridge cooked with water and a little bit salt. Only during the warm season, we could get vegetables from our garden. We never got the milk from our cow or eggs from our chicken be-cause my mother had to sell them to be able to buy the absolute necessary things for the family. Once a year for our main festival we got one shirt and one pant, and it had to be enough for 12 months. When we got rice to eat 3 times a year, it was a very great feast! We children, had to help Mother for the work of the farm and we also went to school. My mother was and is still today fully illiterate.

As l was 10 years old, a sale's man took me to Biratnagar to be a servant in his house. He had signed in a contract that he would allow me to go to school half day against my work, food and a place to sleep. l had to cook for the whole family, to clean their dishes and the whole house and to wash their clothes. When l wanted to take a Schoolbook to learn something, they always called me to make tea for them or to do other things. After 2 years they took me with them to live in Kathmandu. l had to sleep in the kitchen that was full of cockroaches and rats. It was true child's exploitation

One day l had the luck that one of my teachers talked with Elisabeth Montet from Kinderhilfe Nepal and l came to "Children's World". It was the biggest Chance of my whole life: Suddenly l could get every-thing free: full day school, very good food, clothes and help in my studies. It was for me as if l would be in a paradise because l could never have imagined such a wonderful life before! l passed all the school exams and studied Bachelor in English. In a certain way l didn't feel good to enjoy such a good life while other students were outside suffering so much and, since l am a moody person, l decided to leave "Children's World" accepting only that Kinderhilfe Nepal pays my school expenses. Elisabeth tried to convince me to stay, but l am very stubborn and l went away.

l realized very soon that l was in a very catastrophic Situation: l had to earn money to survive which was very difficult, and l had no time to study. l understood very quickly that it was not possible to continue this way of life and 3 months later l came back to Children's World! After this experience l feit very happy and safe and l finished my studies. l studied French in the Alliance Francaise of Kathmandu as well as Chinese and l work now as a free trekking and tourist guide. All my friends are now married and have children while l am still single with 35. l will only marry when l find the right woman whom l really love and who loves me. I am a very independent person. l love to travel and l was often in China where l have good friends. At this time l just bought a field in south Nepal and l want to Start to grow mushrooms with the help of two friends while l will continue my work as a trekking guide.

If it does not work well, l have a lot of other ideas. l am a creative person, always in movement and l never forget that YOU ALL are the ones who gave me the opportunity to become the person that l am today. l thank you with my whole heart, and you can be sure to be in my mind for my whole life. l am glad to have the Chance to thank you today and l wish you aMerry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2018!

Dev Dahal