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Life Story of Bhagat Tamang

Bhagat Tamang

Dear friends,

It is now my turn to express my thanks to you.

As l was 4 years old, 1987 , l was working with 8 other small children in a carpet factory. At that time, Elisabeth Mama came, took us all away from this hard work and she created "Children's World" supported by Kinderhilfe Nepal. Over time, she provided exemplary care for us along with up to 60 other children..

l have always been a very good and obedient pupil and l was one of the few who could join the best school of Kathmandu. As l was 17, my father wanted to marry me with a girl of our village according to the tradition. Mama had a long discussion with me and at the end, she could convince me to disobey

After finishing my school studies, l decided not to go to the university, but to join the army. Mama and l had again a big dispute. At that time, the country was 'devastated by a civil war and she considered it as a crime if l came to shoot on the people of my own country. She was also very much afraid that l would be killed.

This time she couldn't convince me and l became a soldier. l am very lucky because l never had to kill other people. l served in Nepal and l was also sent to Lebanon as a UN Peace Keeper. Today l am married and l have a daughter. My wife is a teacher and, since my father died early because of the abuse of alcohol, my mother is living with us and takes care of our daughter when we are at work.

Thanks to my good education and my good English, but also through a very hard training, l could make my way in the Nepal Army and l am now a Major, l am still studying and passing exams to reach a higher position and become one day a general. l go often in the jungle to train my soldiers who are for me like a second family.

l am very happy and satisfied with my life. Without the education that YOU have provided to me, l would be a poor man like my father and l would surely end on the same way. l thank you today for having given me the possibility to live in dignity, able to do my best for my family and to serve my country. This thankfulness will always be in my heart.

In the name of all the people of "Children's World" supported by you in the past as well as the hundreds of children who are getting your care today, l wish you a

Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year 2015 !

Bhagat Tamang