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Highlights of our art work

The best of 40 years from our painting workshop

The artists of Dharmapala Thangka Centre have been creating thangkas of the highest quality since 1982. Currently you can find on our website 692 scroll paintings. In addition to copies of old historical thangkas can be found in it including many new creations that have no historical models but were nevertheless designed in strict compliance with the iconographic rules of Tibetan Buddhism.

With this diversity, it is not always easy to keep the right overview. Therefore, we have set up this selection, which allows you to access some masterpieces of our many years of artistic work.

This selection of on 24 of 692 paintings refers to all 14 categories and since it is only an overview, it contains far from all the thangkas that deserve the rating "masterpiece".

You can find more masterpieces from our artists in our gallery.

Every month parts of the selection are replaced by three other thangkas. You can always find the newest ones at the top of the first row of the overview.

June 2023

Tibet Cosmos Mandala [1]
1. Tibet Cosmos Mandala [1]
Tibet Cosmos Mandala [2]
2. Tibet Cosmos Mandala [2]
Tibet Cosmos Mandala [3]
3. Tibet Cosmos Mandala [3]
4. Milarepa
5. Milarepa
6. Milarepa
7. Milarepa
8. Milarepa
Namgyal Stupas
9. Namgyal Stupas
Kagyu Refuge Tree [1]
10. Kagyu Refuge Tree [1]
11. Orgyen-Dorje-Chang
Green Tara [16]
12. Green Tara [16]
Vajrasattva [4]
13. Vajrasattva [4]
Kurukulla [1]
14. Kurukulla [1]
Kurukulla Mandala
15. Kurukulla Mandala
Vajravarahi [3]
16. Vajravarahi [3]
Naro Dakini
17. Naro Dakini
Tseringma [2]
18. Tseringma [2]
Kurukulla [2]
19. Kurukulla [2]
Guru Dorje Drolö [3]
20. Guru Dorje Drolö [3]
Manjughosha Manjushri
21. Manjughosha Manjushri
Thousand Green Taras [5]
22. Thousand Green Taras [5]
Thousand Green Taras [2]
23. Thousand Green Taras [2]
Thousand Green Taras [3]
24. Thousand Green Taras [3]