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= Thangka Order

07-18-18 Gabriella Szatmary Hattiesburg, MS, USA
“I am overly impressed with the meticulous work and resultant beautiful thangkas, Wheel of Life and White Tara, that I just have received!
Moreover, during the preparation process Holm Triesch has been the most helpful contact person that one could wish for, not only regularly updating me with pictures of the evolving thangkas during the painting process, but actually checking and knowing of the delivery time at my doorsteps even before me!!!
Also, I appreciate his linguistic skills with the dedication translation for the back of the thangkas!
So, I highly recommend to order some of these masterpieces Dharmapala Thangka Center, so you can be inspired every time you look at them, not only for their content but by the talent of the individuals making them!
Cyril Claulin Epinal, France
I asked for the creation of a Thangka of Vajradhara and I received a masterpiece. Precision, natural colors, precision of the application of gold ... the artists have traditionally created a remarkable work.

For six months I had regular photos to validate the progress.
Surely the most beautiful thing I have at home. Thank you !
Ferdinand Habersbrunner Reading, Berkshire - England
Receiving a nearly perfect work of art fills me with great gratitude. In first place thanks to the responsible artist, but also to all persons involved. In particular Holm Triesch has frequently provided me with photos throughout the entire work-in-progress. This helped me to always make timely change requests, if any needed. Holm was a great support by his expertise - and patience! -even in selecting the appropriate brocade framing. This thangka showing the bodhisattva Chenresig, has been accomplished in an exquisit yet unpretentious style. Concentrating on the essentials, and therefore with an enormous charisma, tranquility, and calmness at first sight. The second viewing revealed precision even in the most sublte detail. Even the gold has been applied gently but elaborately. The same thing with coloring. All the colors show a tranquil and natural radiation inherent to all natural mineral pigments. They have been applied sublty but efficaciously. A strikingly beautiful thangka!
Ein nahezu perfektes Kunstwerk zu erhalten, erfüllt mich mit tiefer Dankbarkeit. Zu allererst dem ausführenden Künstler gegenüber wie auch allen daran Beteiligten. Vor allem Herr Triesch hat mir während des gesamten Entstehungsprozesses engmaschig Fotos zum jeweiligen Fortschritt des Bildes zugesandt. Deshalb hätte ich bei Bedarf stets rechtzeitig Änderungswünsche anmelden können. Auch bei der Auswahl der Brokatrahmung fühlte ich mich durch Herrn Triesch sehr kundig - und geduldig! - beraten.

Dieses Chenresig-Thangka ist exquisit und schlicht ausgeführt, mit Konzentration auf das Wesentliche, doch deshalb mit enormer Strahlkraft, Ruhe und Ausgeglichenheit bei erster Betrachtung. Auf den zweiten Blick ist das Thangka selbst im filigransten Detail präzise ausgeführt und die Goldbemalung dezent, aber raffiniert appliziert. Die Farbgebung steht in nichts zurück. Die Farben besitzen die natürlichen Mineralpigmenten eigene ruhige und natürliche Strahlkraft und wurden subtil aber wirkmächtig eingesetzt. Ein selten schönes Thangka!"

Philip Maher New York City - New York, USA
I must tell you that the thankga grows in our hearts every day. As you saw, it has a special place in our home, and I keep seeing new aspects of it, in different lights, at different times of day.

It is a truly exquisite work of art.

Sebastian Zugman Riverside CT, USA
I came back from London last night and was able to fnd the tube.

The art is magnificient, the intensity of the color, the precision of the brush, the heart and soul of the artist. I consider myself lucky for having access to these pieces and I will ensure they are protected in my family for generations to come. Treasuring the legacy of the Dharma and honoring its widsom.

Say hi to your friends in Nepal whom I hope to meet one day.

Sebastian Zugman

Gesa Rudolph-Stiefel Berlin, Germany
Dieses neueste Thangka mit dem Mandala der weißen Tara macht mich geradezu glücklich, wenn ich es betrachte. Auch mein Mann ist begeistert von der Reichhaltigkeit, der Vielfalt und Schönheit dieses meisterhaft gemalten Thangkas! Ich finde, es ist unser schönstes Thangka, in jeder Weise. Es ist wunderbar, daß wir es bekommen konnten.
Der Brokat mit dem dunklen Rot seiner auf Schwarzgrund eingewebten Verzierungen wirkt farblich ergänzend zu dem goldenen Bild, und geradezu eine Überraschung waren die feinen Brokat-Randstreifen! Sie sind bei der Wiedergabe des Brokatrahmens Nr.34 nicht so dargestellt, waren allerdings schon auf dem Foto mit dem blauen Brokat zu sehen, das Sie uns mailten. Das Thanka, wie wir es jetzt bekommen haben, ist vollkommen, so, wie es jetzt ist. Haben wir ein Glück! Seien Sie noch einmal ganz herzlich bedankt!
Mit allen guten Wünschen und vielen Grüßen,
Gesa Rudolph-Stiefel
Frédéric Durand Angers, France
I am very happy, today. I got the Thangka today! It's really nice, very very nice. I am 100 % satisfied.
We must congratulate the painters because they have create beautiful work.

Thank you also for you and for the seriousness of your work.

I wish you both all the best!

Alexander Lim Vancouver, Canada
I have the thangka now! It's absolutely spectacular and a great tribute to Maitreya and the three jewels.

Many thanks to you for all the great work you and the artists have done. This is truly divine art. I will totally recommend your site to anyone looking for thankgas/Tibetan Buddhist materials and will for sure get in touch with you again should I want another thangka.

Tashi delek and many thanks again!

Cristofer Martin - St. George’s University School of Medicine
St. George’s, Grenada
  I had a great afternoon at your workshop and got great images of artists painting in various stages. It was perfect for what I need. Everyone at the workshop and gallery were very helpful. I will note the group in the chapter credits. Was able to buy a small thangka Wish I could afford some of the beautiful large ones. The quality is excellent. They are like night and day compared to the quality in the shops on Thamel.

Thank you

Frank Krupp Germany - Bayern
Ich habe über Internet-Recherche Kontakt zum Dharmapala Thangka Centre aufgenommen und mich für ein bereits existierendes Mandala entschieden.
Die telefonische Beratung, die Abwicklung und die schnelle Lieferung waren jeweils hervorragend. Mein "blindes Vertrauen" wurde nicht enttäuscht. Im Gegenteil, ich wurde erstklassig betreut und habe eine sehr detailliert und hochwertig gearbeitete wunderschöne Ware bekommen. Vielen Dank dafür. Jederzeit wieder ! Gruß aus Bayern.
Celia Gerry Encino, California 91436 USA
My thangka is a masterpiece! The photos don't do it justice at all - at all. The people and the animals and the background are beautiful, and everything is painted with great attention to detail. I like the addition of so much gold - something I wasn't expecting. Even my husband, who can be a tough critic, is impressed! I shall be spending hours and days studying my thangka and figuring out all the imagery. It's wonderful and I love it. I wish I could give you a big hug! Thanks so much for everything you did to enable me to purchase this thangka, and please, please convey to the artists how much their work is appreciated. Now I can't wait to show it to my Indian friend who's also a thangka lover, and to my children when they visit for Christmas.,
Philip Kerns. Playa Del Rey, California 90293 USA
I was absolutely thrilled with my thangka. I've already taken it to the framers. When it's completed, in about 8 weeks I'll send you a photo so you can see how it turned out! Thanks again to everyone involved in the creation of this beautiful piece of art! Warmest regards,
Raphael Kwiatkowski Germany - www.tibet-waren.de
  Ihre Webseite leistet einen wunderbaren Beitrag zur Verbreitung von Informationen über Tibet und die Tibetische Medizin.
Vladimir Smirnow St. Petersburg, Russia
  From the day I started looking at Dharmapala thangkas and asking various questions till the moment when I extracted the completed thangka from a DHL tube 2 days after it was sent from Kathmandu everything was going well and smoothly. Eventhough the subject of the thangka was not really common and some verbal comments were necessary, it was drawn exactly the way I wanted. The thangka is simply beautiful, thus I sincerely thank all involved painters at Dharmapala center for their skill and effort. And, of course, I am very grateful to Holm for his patience with me throughout the whole process.

It was a pleasure to find this site and it is a pleasure to look at the result of finding it.
Thank you for all your work,

Sara Cocke Hornbrook, CA 96044, USA

The thangka arrived safely and my teacher blessed it.

Thank you for all you did to make this possible.
Everything-the painting, the brocade, the inscription, the pictures taken and sent, the experience of working with you, your thoughtfulness and that of all the artisans and lamas involved - everything was wonderful!

Thank You

Ralf Bauer Deutschland
Als Sammler von Schwarzgrund-Thangkas habe ich vom Dharmapala-Center eine einzigartige Mal-Arbeit der Schutzgottheit Beg-Tse erhalten, die auf meinen Wunsch nach der Vorlage eines Originals aus dem 19. Jahrhundert gemalt wurde. Ich kann ohne Übertreibung behaupten, dass dieses Thangka in seiner Qualität, sowie seinen Details und Farben mindestens so schön ist wie das Original und die Maler in Kathmandu für mich begnadete Künstler sind.
Der sehr freundliche und fachkundig
e Rat von Herrn Triesch hat mir bei einigen Auswahlkriterien sehr geholfen und zahlreiche nette und interessante Telefongespräche mit ihm, die Wartezeit von 5 Monaten verkürzt.

Wer ein wirklich erstklassiges und hochwertiges Thangka zu einem fairen Preis bestellen möchte, ist hier genau richtig und sollte sich besser erst gar nicht die Mühe machen, woanders danach zu suchen. Dass jeder Kauf noch eine Spende beinhaltet ist eine wunderschöne Idee und unterstreicht meine absolut positive Meinung hier noch einmal

Alex Bunjes

After buying several Thangka’s at the Dharmapala Thangka Centre at Kathmandu some years ago, I ordered 2 Thangka’s via your site. Now I received the painting of Avalokiteshvara, which is a wonderful and impressive painting. I’m very happy with this excellent one and I’m grateful Holm for all your efforts to keep me updated during the painting process. For you and the people from the Dharmapala Thangka Centre, who worked on this, thanks a lot. Namasté and Tashi Delek!

A. Brown
Pennsylvania USA.
I just want to say that I was most pleased with your personal service and attention to my first thangka order from Dharmapala Thangka Centre. I received the thangka the other week and am very pleased and satisfied with the order. The quality of your service and the excellence of the thangka art I received greatly surpassed all of my expectations. I appreciate the work you and the Dharmapala Thangka Centre provide in supporting and furthering this tradition of Tibetan sacred art. This artwork will hold a special place in my home and heart for many years to come. Thank you.

JP Sen
Just a small note to express my gratitude and appreciation for the very helpful and completely professional way in which you handled my order for a White Tara thangka. I was assisted in every aspect of the purchase by your unfailing taste and your obvious commitment to the art form.

The thangka, when it arrived, was everything that I hoped for and more, not only as an aid to spiritual practice, but also as a thing of beauty in itself.

Thank you once again
Kelvin Leong Singapore
The thangka is very well done. from the colour combination to the fine details of the drawing had been wonderfully and brilliantly drawn. As mention the thangka is best appreciated close-up and photography are unable to bring out the beauty of the thangka.
The brocade is also beautiful. the sewing and workmanship of the thangka to the brocade is fine and exceptional.

Stephen Colwell North Reading, MA - USA
I received the Thangka from the Dharmapala Center this morning and it is beautiful! The quality of the workmanship has surpassed all my expectations. I am sure the vibrations from the artists/monks will resonate and enhance my meditations. Please send them my deepest gratitude.

Thanks for coordinating the purchase and God bless! -Steve

Landon Powell Oakland, Ca/Brooklyn, NY - USA
My deepest thanks to all involved with the Dharmapala Center [Artists, Administrators, etc]. Your professionalism, courtesy, care and attention to detail made my order and purchase a wonderful and gratifying experience. My thangkas are exquisite, the service and responsiveness of your organization was flawless, and the delivery process was a dream. I have the highest regard for your artisans and representatives and the deepest respect for the all-around excellent work you are doing. I have researched thangka painting extensively and shopped exhaustively [I do not spend thousands of dollars without doing my homework] and I am certain that Dharmapala represents the best available balance of price and quality, unless you find yourself actually in Nepal [and maybe even then]. I intend to do business with you in the future, and in the meantime to enjoy my beautiful paintings and their beneficial effect on my practice.

Greg Valou Vancouver, BC, Canada

I would like to thank you for putting up such a complete and informative website. I recently became interested in Buddhist art and was very happy to find your site. Thank you!

Greg Valou
Heidi Mattila Washington DC

I just received the beautiful thangkas I ordered through you and the Dharmapala Center, and wanted to share with refinement....
The thangkas are not only beautiful pieces of work of art, but will also aid me with my daily practice.

I also want to thank you for the good advice given throughout the process, the prompt delivery, and the transparent way in which you have taken care of everything - a big thank you !

The warmest regards from Washington DC,
Heidi Mattila

Janet Price Oxfordshire, UK
Many thanks for sending the thangka and I am very pleased to tell you that it arrived safely in perfect time for Christmas on Christmas Eve. As it was very busy here with my family and babies staying, I opened it on Christmas
Day and it was the best present I received! As my visitors have gone out for a while, I have time to email you at last.

Please pass on to Subash my compliments and best wishes. I shall be delighted to hear how he is progressing with his training and I shall be very interested in anything else that he paints. I hope the orphanage will continue to flourish and keep up the excellent work that it does in Kathmandu.

Every good wish for the New Year and for your help in arranging for me to purchase the White Tara thangka. I shall treasure it and find a suitable home for it here, so it will be in good hands. I have printed off the description of how to hang the thangka from your website and later I will try to hang it correctly.

Moss, Wendy / BSN medical Lancashir, UK
Dear Holm, The painting arrived yesterday safe and sound. I am absolutely delighted with it. It is far beyond my wildest dreams in terms of skill and beauty. It will provide a marvelous focal point for my meditations.

Please send my deepest thanks to the artists.

Jennie Anderson Melbourne, Australia
I would like to thank you very much for advising me with my purchase of a Thangka from the Dharmapala Centre. It was a little difficult to purchase a thangka from the internet for the first time – will I have it smoked, if so, how much, what colour brocade will look the best, and you were there advising me with every question that I posed along the way. I would also like to thank you for your quick and professional response.

I was very excited to hear that the thangka was on the way and Holm, three days later when we opened the carefully packed parcel, my husband had tears in his eyes, he so loves the thangka that I had purchased as a surprise for his birthday. In fact everyone who has seen this exquisite thangka has commented on its detail, beauty and power.

Not only do we have this extraordinary thangka, we have also had the pleasure of making new friends at the Dharmapala Centre.

We hope to place an order for another thangka very soon,

Thanks again Holm

Susan Jay USA
Thank you so much for my beautiful thanka! The quality is beyond what I ever expected. I have shown it to several people and they were also amazed at the detail and intricacy. I am so happy I have one of your beautiful works.

Andrea Jaramillo Trujillo

Bogota, Columbia

We are very pleased with the service we received in our first and not last purchase from you. All our expectations were fulfilled and we are more than amazed with the wonderful work of art you do with the highest expected quality. Thank a lot; the Thangkas we received have not only illuminated our spaces with the presence of the Higher Beings, but with the amusement of such an spectacular job.

We deeply thank your time and effort.

Prof. Craig Benham
Davis, CA, USA
The two Thangkas arrived this morning! They are both VERY beautiful, VERY well done. The detail is just wonderful.

Thanks very much for making this possible. Please also thank the artists at the Dharmapala Center for me, and ask them also to thank the Monastery for the dedication. The monk who heads that Monastery is Thrangu Rinpoche, from whom I have had teachings. So it was especially nice to learn that his monks performed this dedication.

Thank you ever so much.

Mequon, WI
absolutely delighted with the Raindbow Buddha. It's stunning. I look at it every day, many times a day, always with a sense of awe and wonder. It's so beautiful, that it's magical.
dear holm,
just to let you know the tara thangka has arrived here in vermont. you and your friends in nepal have done a very good job. the artwork and craftsmanship are really breathtaking.

throughout, you have managed this very well indeed. you have been extremely professional and helpful, with your guidance through the process, your updates on progress, and advice. i have to admit, the whole idea seemed like craftsmanship of the brocade mounting, even the packaging for shipping, and your contact and help during the whole process, are all truly remarkable.

thank you so much.
be well my friend be still.
Patrik Podolak Slovakia

Wonderful Buddhist work you have done. Just perfect

Rachel and John Porter
USA - Hawaii
The Throma Mandala thangka arrived yesterday afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful and very powerful. I am so grateful to you for being willing to work out all the seemingly endless details with me-- I am truly 100% happy with this masterpiece! In fact, "happy" is not nearly a strong enough word. It is absolutely perfect in every detail. The eneregy in my shrine room seems to have grown even stronger since the new thangka has been placed there. Thank you so very very much.
Frédéric Durand
I have just received two thangkas of the 21 Taras and Vajrasattva. They are absolutely wonderfull and I have kept them two seats of honour in my home. They are arrived in a solid tube where they were very well protected. Holm kept me informed regularly of the progress. I would like to say that if we respect the thangkas we buy as real Buddhas, I think we create very good causes for our future. Moreover, I am quite convinced that people who will see your thangkas will create the same causes too. And finally it is a very good way to help the children of the orphanage !!!
Jeff Wild

Just this week I received a beautiful thangka of Buddha and Mara. It is the third thangka I have ordered over the years from Holm and the Dharmapala Centre. Each of them is an exquisite work of art. I so happy to have this beautiful this depiction of Buddha's overcoming Mara in my home and to have helped support the orphanage as well.

With many blessings and thanks
Jeff Wild
Alsion Waters
New South Wales - Australia

I enjoy viewing the Thangkas I recieved from Dharmapala Thangka Centre. They are very beautiful and almost come to life. They are highly detailed and I would not hesitate to order from them again. The Thangkas were also delivered very promptly, it took only 5 day for us to recieve them after they were finished. These beautiful artworks were definately worth the wait.

Gesa Rudolph-Stiefel

Lüneburg - Germany

Dieses Mal haben wir 3 Thangkas nach Fotos aus der Malschule bestellt. Dennoch sind es einzigartige, einmalige Bilder für uns geworden, denn die Künstler haben ihrer Inspiration und Freude Raum gegeben, indem sie Details veränderten, die wir von Herzen empfangen haben als ein ganz persönliches Geschenk. Möge es ihnen Glück bringen und die Ursachen vom Glück!

Wir danken allen Beteiligten mit großer Freude!
Gerhard und Gesa Rudolph-Stiefel
Rachel and John Porter USA - Hawaii

Our thangkas are just exquisite, really beyond my descriptive abilities. The painting of the thangkas is so detailed, so carefully done down to the most minute detail, that the overall effect is astonishing. I keep going from room to room, staring for long periods of time at each of these masterpieces-- there is so much content in each painting that it will take a very long time to fully appreciate each one. To me, that is a sign of great art, to constantly see something new each time you look. But of course, these thangkas are way beyond being just art; they are entrances to other realities as well.

The most unexpected part of having these thangkas in our house is their powerful presence. They feel very alive, as though they are not just depictions of deities but the actual deities themselves. Dorje Phurba, Sange Menla, Sengedoma, Amitabha, Throma, the Bardo deities-- it feels as though they are all right here in our house, in our living room, in our bedroom, in my shrine room. Our whole house feels like a sacred realm, like a monastery. Very unexpected, very powerful and amazing. Meditating in my shrine room with the wrathful deities of Throma, Sengedoma and the bardo deities surrounding me has been a mind-boggling experience!

Not only are the paintings magnificent, but the brocades that frame them and the care with which they are sewn are even more beautiful than I had hoped for-- and the colors are perfect for each room. With these thangkas on the walls, the elegance of our new house has increased dramatically.

Verena Wöhrle


Nach langer Suche nach schönen Mandalas bin ich "durch Zufall" auf das Dharmapala Centre gestoßen. Hier wurde mein Traum von 3 individuell für mich angefertigten Mandalas wahr, die zusätzlich noch für mich geweiht worden sind.

Durch die hervorragende Betreuung von Herrn Triesch konnte ich mir für meine bestimmten Themen die entsprechenden Bildvorlagen heraussuchen, nach denen dann die Originale gemalt wurden.

Ein netter und gleichzeitig die Wartezeiten verkürzender Service stellen die zugemailten Fotos dar, die die auf diese Weise meine heißgeliebten Mandalas zu erhalten.

Vielen lieben Dank

Graham Humphreys
London, England
I am the very proud owner of a beautifully painted Thangka purchased through the Dharmapala Thangka Centre. I was provided with digital 'progress' images during the painting period and was thus assured of the quality and craftsmanship of the finished item. Holm has been a model of contact and helpfulness and I thoroughly recommend the Centre for anyone interested in genuine Thangka art. I am also very proud that a portion of the cost is a donation to the orphanage thereby promoting the continuation of the art."

Graham Humphreys
studio - The Creative Partnership

Gesa Rudolph-Stiefel
Lüneburg, Germany
  Dieses besondere Samantabhadra-Thangka [4.39 Samantabhadra Refugee Field] - die Neu-Erstellung einer ungewöhnlichen alten Arbeit - ist nicht nur meisterlich gemalt und wunderschön, sondern es ist auch eine Quelle beständiger Inspiration. Als Buddhistin finde ich jeden ´neuen´ Gedanken, der sich während meines Lernens zeigt, wie durch Zauberei bereits auf diesem Bild wiedergegeben.

Ich bin sehr dankbar, diese Quelle der Freude an großer Kunstfertigkeit in Verbindung mit mir so vertrauter Spiritualität gefunden zu haben und nutzen zu dürfen. Mein großer Wunsch ist es, daß diese Quelle nie versiegt - auch deshalb nicht versiegen möge, um weiter ihre guten Werke
für die Waisenkinder Nepals tun zu können.

Medicine Buddha Healing Center Berkeley, CA, USA
Thanks for such wonderful Buddhist work you have done. Namo Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Namo Kracchuchanda Buddha. Namo Vipashini Buddha

Faith Spokane, WA, USA
Thank you, Holm, for the beautiful antique thangka of Padmasambhava. It was just what I was hoping for. For anyone considering buying a thangka from Holm, be assured that he is honest and will answer all your questions. Since the thangka I purchased was antique, it had holes in it, which he pointed out to me before the purchase. He also sent me a picture that showed the colors more accurately than on the website, so I would be sure to know what I was buying. He let me know what to expect every step of the way. It was a real pleasure to do business with him.
Sandra Berlin, Germany
Eine sehr schöne und wirklich interessante Seite! Weiter so. Vielen Dank und viele Grüsse!

gesa rudolph-stiefel Lüneburg, Germany
Gestern kam unser Lebensrad-Thangka zu uns.Wir haben die Möglichkeit wahrgenommen und es für uns weihen lassen. Es ist ein bewegend schönes Bild in wunderbaren,ruhevoll abgestimmten Farben,mit höchster Kunstfertigkeit und Sorgfalt gemalt.- Für die Brokat-Einfassung wurden wir von Herrn Triesch freundlich und kundig beraten.- Wir fühlen uns dankbar,auf diese einfache Weise (Internet) ein so schönes Kunstwerk bekommen zu können,das in der buddhistischen Tradition des Himalaya verwurzelt ist. Auf sanfte, beglückende Weise regt es die Spiritualität des Betrachters an.

Eva-Maria Schulze/Namgel Sherpa Bonn
Tashi delek, we ordered and received by now three beautiful thangkas from the Dharmapala Centre. Each of them is a little masterpiece of drawing in its own way. And the recommendations of Holm as to the details of the setting proofed to be very helpfull indeed, thank you for bringing a "little Kathmandu" to our home in Germany. Namgel Sherpa
T.Hori Gifusi ,Nagara,Sin M.apart.
Namaste. Pardon en japonais,parsque je ne sais pas votre mots. ... Shosei wa kojinteki kagakusha nite sourou. Imamadeno kenkyu ni yotte,sugaku igai nimo kakusyu seika o ete sourou. Sono nakade jyuyou namonoga,higensiryoku shouenergi hatsudenki narabini shouenergie motors no gijyutsu nite sourou. Korerawa jinrui no mirai ni totte jyuyou na mono nite sourou. Kikoku ni okaretewa korera ni tsuite goyoubou no hodo ikaga nite sourou ya? Gorenraku wa yubin nite ohayameni onegai sitaku zonjisourou. Keigu.
Karma Yeshe Dorje Caracas
Karmapa Chenno! Beautiful work. I'll soon order a Kagyu tree thangka Your in dharma, Yeshe Dorje

Chia Shee Liang Singapore
Namaste. I was initially a little apprehensive over buying a thangka over the internet. But I guess I just love the Thangka posted on the website. I took my chances with Holm and I am glad I did not regret it. The communications between Holm and me throughout the period where I picked and have the Green Tara Mandala painted was great. And the quality of the painting turns out to be as I wish for. Thanks a lot Holm for the patience with me and would like to wish you all the best and hopefully, more people will patronise your webstore. By ordering a Thangka also helps in contributing to an Orphanage in Nepal. Yours In Dharma- SheeLiang