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Bundle of five Tibetan Zanpars

Bundle of the five Zanpars Zanpar Stick 1 Zanpar Stick 2 Zanpar Stick 3 Zanpar Stick 3 - Detail Zanpar Stick 4 Zanpar Stick 5

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Bundle of five old Zanpars

These five zanpars are an extremely rare example of a bundle of zanpars that used to be regularly found in Tibetan monasteries in former times. The few Zanpar bundles that came into the antique trade after 1959 were separated, as individual sales seemed more lucrative.

The length of zanpars held together with a leather strap is between 14.5 inches | 36 cm and 7.5 inches | 19 cm. You can find 210 carved symbols on the five zanpars.

Zanpars were grouped together based on their therapeutic purpose. There were different bundles for different disease groups. If a monk was called to a sick person with certain described ailments, he could choose the appropriate bundle of Zanpars with one touch before his visit.

Today it is no longer possible to determine for which therapy group these five Zanpars were intended. The background, meaning and use of Zanpars are largely unknown today.

In ancient Tibetan monasteries, Zanpar therapies were limited to oral traditions. In contrast to traditional Tibetan medicine, there were no written records.

Due to the Chinese occupation of the country in the last century, the transmission of this knowledge came to a standstill.