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Bundle of five Tibetan Zanpars

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Bundle of five Tibetan Zanpars



Zanpar forms show a great variety of pictures:

Seven Royal jewels

Eight Lucky Tibetan Symbols of Buddhism:

Twelve signs of the zodiac:

*] Trigrams are found e.g. in astronomy, astrology and geography. They are to be understood as universal model of orientation also containing elements influencing human way of life. Therefor a more conscious self-determination for every human is possible. The cardinal points stand for inner orientation, the organs for certain mental situations [e.g. moods, personally structured]. So the physically qualities always correspond to mental qualities.

The following cosmological symbols can be found on Zanpars:

It is supposed that picturing Lamas especially in large format with holy places as backgound serves as protection of these holy places.

The seven planets also represent motives from astronomy. But the same symbols can also stand for the seven days of the week:

The following pictures shows some examples: