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Tibetan Zodiacs on this printing block

Mirror inverted display

 1RatDschyi wa 2BuffaloLang
 3TigerTag 4RabbitYos
 5DragonDruh 6SnakeDruhl
 7HorseTa 8SheepLug

Chinese astrology played a significant role in the development of Tibetan astrology. From the 11th century onwards, the 60-year element-animal cycle was in common use. The Indian contribution to astro-science came to Tibet with the introduction of the ┬╗Kalachakra-Tantra┬ź by the Kashmiri scholar Somanatha in the 11th century. It was combined with Chinese material by the early Sakya and Kagyu masters.

Tibetan astrology is not only based on Chinese astrology, but also contains influences from Indian astrology and the indigenous Bon religion. This has led to the emergence of a unique astrological system that plays an important role in Tibetan culture and Buddhism.