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Tsa Tsa Molds

These molds are needed to make Tsa Tsas. With their help it is possible to produce a large number of Tsa Tsas in a short time. They are as different as the many different Tsa Tsas we know. There are small stamp forms only a few centimetres in size and large specimens of 30 cm and more. These large stamps are very rare. The most common stamps are used to make small Stupa Tsa Tsas.

The majority are made of metal. But there are also some made of clay and very rarely of wood in combination with a hardened resin paste.

The stamps usually have a metal or wooden handle in order to be able to exert a high pressure on the clay to be shaped. For a better grip, the handle is usually reinforced with a metal ring.

  Archiv Tsa Tsa Molds  
Stupa / Tchörten [1]
1. Stupa / Tchörten [1]
25 Deities
2. 25 Deities
Stupa / Tchörten [2]
3. Stupa / Tchörten [2]
Three Deities
4. Three Deities
Padmasambhava [1]
5. Padmasambhava [1]
Precious Umbrellar
6. Precious Umbrellar
Padmasambhava [2]
7. Padmasambhava [2]
Avalokiteshvara [1]
8. Avalokiteshvara [1]
Stupa / Tchörten [3]
9. Stupa / Tchörten [3]
Avalokiteshvara [2]
10. Avalokiteshvara [2]