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Large stupa tsa tsa mold embedded in a wooden frame

Yendum, Pepung & Jangchub Chörten

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This extraordinary large mold was used for the production of Tsa Tsas with the image of a Lama. The actual mold in this Tsa Tsa is not made of metal but has fired clay. The mold in this Tsa Tsa is embedded in a five-sided wooden frame.

The vast majority of old and new Tsa Tsa stamps are made of metal for better durability. In ancient Tibet, however, it was often not possible for technical reasons to produce these better durable stamps from metal. Wood and clay were easier to procure, so then also this alterative manufacturing method was chosen. Due to the lower durability [higher wear and tear during production], but today these copies are very rare to find.

This mold contains a very rare representation of the protectors of the »Three Families» [Tib.: Rigsum Gönpo], symbolized here by three stupas. The large stupa in the center is in the form of a Yendum Chörten [Skt. Antarayanastupa] and commemorates the Buddha reconciling quarreling groups of monks in Rajagriha. The left stupa in the form of a Yendum Chörten [Skt. Padmakatakastupa] commemorates the birth of the Buddha and represents Manjushri. The right stupa, apparently in the form of a Jangchub Chörten [Skt. Bodhistupa], symbolizes the Buddha's enlightenment and here represents Vajrapani.

Because of the protective function attributed to these stupas, stupa groups of this type are also often found at dangerous trailheads or on mountain slopes where demolitions and the like are imminent.Source: Tsha Tsha - Votivtafeln aus dem buddhistischen Kulturkreis - Sammlung Christian H. Lutz

The Stupa [tib. »Chörten«] is the most important architectural monument of Buddhism. Relics of the historic Buddha were kept in eight different stupas, in India after his death.

Weight 1.8 lbs. / 0.800 kg

Age: probably late 19th - early 20th cent.

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Measurements: 8.9 x 6.9 x 1.9" | 22.5 x 17.5 x 4.8 cm
Shipment: DHL Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Wood, burned clay
High resolution: Display [1.9 mB, 2622 x 3255 px.]