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Two Small Stupa Tsa Tsa Molds

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The Stupa [tib. »Chörten«] is the most important architectural monument of Buddhism. Relics of the historic Buddha were kept in eight different stupas, in India after his death.

One of the early stupas was a similar circular burial mound that was originally used for the burial of ancient rulers in India.

Eight different stupas, called »Sugata Stupas« [Tibetan: »Desheg Chörten Chagye«], recall eight different events in the life of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni.

The form of the stupa has developed independently in the course of time in different countries. The eight Sugata Stupas of Tibetan Buddhism, however, have remained largely unchanged.

It was obvious that such a fundamental symbol was also reflected in the Tsa Tsa molds.

They can be found both on the traditional two-dimensional tsa tsas and as full sculptures like the examples above. Often the eight Sugata Stupas are depicted on them. But there are also detailed explanations with one hundred and eight or thousands of images.

The stupa building can also be a symbol for Mount Meru or Sumeru, which according to Buddhist philosophy is considered a huge mountain and the central axis of the world Mount Meru is identified with Mount Kailash in western Tibet.

Age: Unknown

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Measurements: H 2.5 - Ø 0.7" | 1.8 cm
Price: 29 $ | 27 €
Shipment: Registered letter from Germany
Material: Bronce
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