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Brass Stupa Tsa Tsa

This Tsa Tsa differs from almost all the other Tsa Tsas on this website in that it is not made of fired clay but of brass. In the original sense, the object therefore does not fall into the »Tsa Tsa« category. It has a total of 108 small stupas on its surface.

The underside of the Tsa Tsa shows that it was filled. This is also evidenced by its relatively heavy weight. The underside shows a slightly weathered embossing of what appears to be a double vajra.

Tibetan mantras are depicted in a circle below the lowest stupa ring. The mantras are badly weathered and illegible.

The filling is probably still intact. However, as this could not be verified without damaging the underside, the base was not opened.

Estimating the age is not easy, as the style of this stupa tsa tsa has changed little over time. This motif exists both from the present day and from several hundred years ago. Traces of use on the surface suggest an older age. However, this is no guarantee of age. For this reason, an age estimate has been omitted from this description.

Measurements: 7.7 - Ø 3.2" | 8.2 cm
Price: 161 $ | 150 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Brass
Weight: 0.8 lbs | 360 g
Age: Unknown
High resolution: Display [0.6 MB, 2084 x 2323 px.]
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