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Medical Buddha Bhaisajyaguru

This large Tsa Tsa shows in the center the Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru in center.

All Buddhas are standing on a single layered lotus throne. The signs of age and the small size of the Buddha representations makes a secure determination difficult in the case of three illustrations. Therefore a question mark "?" is added after the name in these cases.

Besides Bhaisajyaguru, there are seven other healing medicine Buddhas whose function is to redeem living beings from external and internal diseases. Although they cannot be precisely identified on this Tsa Tsa, they are most likely depicted here.

They are two of the most important polarity symbols in Vajrayana Buddhism. The sun represents the feminine aspect of wisdom and the moon the male aspect of method or compassion.

Consecrated seeds and other plant remains are embedded on the back.

The above mentioned syllables [Oh, Ah & Hum] are so called "seed syllables" which contained within mantras. These seeds do not have precise meanings, but are thought to carry connections to spiritual principles.

Additional Explanation

Measurements: 28 x 3.7 x 1.2" | 71.2 x 9.4 x 3.0 cm
Price: 205 $ | 190 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Burned Clay
Age: 19th cent.
High resolution: Anzeige [1.4 MB, 2618 x 3088 px.]
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