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Three »Long Life Deities« Tsa Tsa

Tsel lha tsah nam sum

Front Side Side View 1 Side View 2 Back Comparisation old and new *) Same Tsa Tsa from the 20<up>the</sup> cent.

Age, illness and death are events that touch all people and often raise the question of one's own fate. In case of serious illness or in the face of death, the Tibetans turn above all to the "Three Deities of Long Life" [Tib.: "Tsel lha tsah nam sum"].

This Tsa Tsa shows these three deities: Buddha Amitayus above, Ushnishavijaya [Tib.: "Namgyalma"] on the right, and White Tara on the left. Amitayus carries in his hands the Amrta vessel [Skt. "Kalasha"] with the "Tsel lha tsah nam sum". Ushnishavijaya carries the same vessel in her upper left hand - not visible here. The white tara shows the gesture of "munificence". Between Ushnishavijaya and the White Tara a stupa / tchörten is depicted.

The three are revered for their ability to grant longevity, healing and purification from negative karma.

It is difficult to determine the age of this Tsa Tsa. The high contrast painting is almost certainly more recent. Estimating its age is therefore not easy, as the style of this Tsa Tsa has changed little over time. This motif exists both from the present day and from several hundred years ago.

The main indication of an early date is the unusual depth of 0.9" | 2.3 cm. th / 15th century, Tsa Tsas were made with this depth for safety reasons. At that time it was not always possible in Tibet to make tsa tsas with a shallower depth without compromising their stability. The last close-up shows a comparison between this old solid tsa tsa and another slimmer tsa tsa of the same appearance from today. Another indication of its age is the heavy wear on the surface.

There are still uncertainties about the age of this Tsa Tsa. For this reason, no age is given in this description. Due to these uncertainties, no age has been given. Even a rough estimate would not be justified.

*] Last detail compare tsa tsa: Pagan period votive terracota tsa-tsa plaque, 5x5 cm. Available for purchase. by coutesy of: www.trocadero.com/Swisssiam

Mold for making of a similar tsa tsa

Measurements: 2.6 x 2.3 x 0.9" | 6.6 x 5.9 x 2.3 cm
Price: 97 $ | 90 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Burned painted Clay
Age: [unknown]
Weight: 0.23 lbs / 106 grams
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