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Very old Guyasamaja Tsa Tsa

11th - 12th cent.

This very old Tsa Tsa it shows Guyasamaja [Tibetan: གསང་བ་འདུས་པ - gsang ba 'dus pa] together with his Prajna Sparshavajri in yab yum position. Guhyasamaja is seated in vajrasana position [his legs crossed] on a half-lotus pedestal and is depicted with three heads and six arms.

Guhyasamaja is a deity in the highest class of Tantra. This Tantra is one of the most important scriptures of Tantric Buddhism. In its fullest form, it consists of seventeen chapters.

Guhyasamaja is one of the principal meditational deities of Vajrayana Buddhism [Tantra].

In the lower half of the Tsa Tsas are to be recognized on the right and on the left still some Tibetan characters. Originally, they probably belonged to a complete mantra. The few text fragments that can still be seen today over time, but unfortunately not enough to reconstruct the meaning.

Source: Wikipedia

Age: probably 11th to 12th cent.

Measurements: 2 x 1.7 x 0.6 " | 5.0 x 4.4 x 1.4 cm
Price: 218 $ | 190 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Burned Clay
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