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Gomang Stupa Tsa Tsa [1]

First turning of the Wheel of Dharma

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This ancient Tsa Tsa shows a Gomang Tchörten / Stupa on a single layered lotus throne. It has with thirteen Dharma rings [Tib.: »Taschi Gomang« Chorten - Skrt. »Dharmachattra«]. The Gomang Stupa is one of the eight »Surgata« Stupas.

This stupa is also called the »Stupa of many doors«. It represents the first turning of the wheel of »Dharma« [the teachings of the Buddha] about the way things are. Other names are »Wisdom» or »Lotos« Stupa. It was erected on the Occasion of the Buddha's first teaching, »The Four Noble Truths«, which he gave at Sarnath / Varanasi.

The stupa represents the threefold rotation of the Wheel of Dharma and contains all the teachings Buddha gave.

In large stupas the base has four steps with a band of small doors:

  1. Four doors = Four noble truths
  2. Eight doors = Eight liberations / redemptions
  3. Twelve doors = Twelve links of dependent arising
  4. Sixteen doors = Sixteen emptinesses

Due to the size of this Tsa Tsa the steps are not depictable.

The stepped stupa is festooned with flying banners at the top.

The heavily weathered and illegible inscription is the script similar to the Indian Kutila script which was used in the 8th to 12th century. This is according to the given estimation of the Tsa Tsa, however, this is not certain and can therefore not be guaranteed. Presumably, it is the Buddhist Ye Dharma Creed, which sets forth the »Four Noble Truths« of the Buddha.

This Tsa Tsa is an unusually thick example. This becomes clear when the depth [1.2 inches | 3.0 cm] is compared with its height [2.0 inches | 5.0 cm]. The depth is more than half of the height of the Tsa Tsa. In the past, Tsa Tsas were often made thicker to avoid breakage and to increase stability. Over the centuries the manufacturing process was improved so they could be made thinner but with the same stability.

Origin and age: Tibet 12th / 13th century - [uncertain determination]

Tsa Tsa Mold

tsa tsa mold

Very old tsa tsa mold to create a similar tsa tsa like this

Similar Tsa Tsa at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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Measurements: 2 x 1.8 x 1.2" | 5.0 x 4.5 x 3.0 cm
Price: 209 $ | 190 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Burned Dark Clay
High resolution: Display [1.5 MB, 1707 x 1890 px.]
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