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Buddha Shakyamuni Tsa Tsa

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The origin of this Tsa Tsa is Burma [today Myanmar]. It shows the historical Buddha Shakyamuni on a double lotus throne in the stylized temple of Bodhgaya surrounded by numerous stupas of different sizes.

The Tsa Tsas is designed in the form of a pipal leaf. The pipal tree [Ficus religiosa] is the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Under the lotus throne there are three lines of a Burmese inscription which is indecipherable today.

His left hand lies in Dhyaamudra on his lap. His right hand shows the gesture of touching the earth [Bhumisparshamudra].

Originally a fine string of pearls framed the entire votive tablet. Due to its age it is only partly preserved today, because the right margin is partly damaged. The same is true for a small part of the Buddha face.

Probably Age: 19th Cent.

Comparisation with 
Auktionshaus BonhamsBritish Museum

Measurements: 11 x 8 x 2.1
Price: 103 $ | 95 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Burned Clay
High resolution: Display [1.0 MB, 1938 x 2500 px.]
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