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Double Stupa Tsa Tsa Pendant

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This extremely unusual Tsa Tsa shows two interconnected small stupa tsa tsas which were already made in one three-dimensional piece during manufacture. Normally, Tsa Tsas are placed in caves or filled in stupas, for example. However, this Tsa Tsa served a different purpose from the beginning.

The owner wanted to wear this »double« stupa as a pendant in order to enjoy permanent protection of the Tsa Tsa. Therefore, it was pierced and could thus be worn as a pendant. In the photos you can clearly see this small hole in the center.

Measurments: Height 1.4 - Ø 0,4"

Age: prob. 19th cent.

The design of the stupas has not changed over the centuries. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the age. The pendant is still relatively well preserved. If it had been worn for several hundred years, this would not be the case today. Therefore, the estimation of the 19th century is most likely correct.

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Price: 49 $ | 45 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Burned Clay
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