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Tsa Tsas at the Tibetan Antique Market

Tsa Tsa

Tibetan Tsa Tsas have so far played a minor role in Himalayan antiquities compared to thangkas and statues. Due to their size and content and the limited number of offerings, they have never attracted much attention from collectors. Accordingly, auction houses either do not include them in their auctions at all or only in small numbers of lots. Even the prices they fetch are usually nowhere near the level of other antiques from the Himalayas.

If they were laid down by their donors in caves, rock niches or on stupas, the tsa tsas made of baked clay or clay do not last long due to the weather conditions, which of course considerably reduces the supply of these tsa tsas.

In terms of content tsa tsas are similarly interesting as thangkas or statues, because they have the same basis and diversity with Buddhist iconography. The already above mentioned lower interest of the market in old Tsa Tsas with its currently still favorable pricess still gives collectors the opportunity to expand their Tibet collections with authentic old pieces. This is not possible with historical thangkas and certainly not possible with even more valuable ancient bronze statues.

The other importance of Tsa Tsas in the Tibetan antique market comes with another advantage that has a significant nature which is the old Tsa Tsas are usually not fake. This would only be the case if the necessary effort is matched by a positive expected return and at the same time meets a demand. This is not the case with Tsa Tsas. It has a complex manufacturing process presupposes the existence of suitable stamp molds and knowledge in the "production". Thus, it is extremely rare to find offers of "doubles" on the Internet, which would be the case if dealers offered their counterfeits on the market.