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White Tara Thangka

Protection against »Eight Dangers«

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This old thangka was acquired in Kathmandu in the early sixties of the last century. It was probably made in the 18th or 19th century.

The high skilled painter created a true masterpiece. It was painted with a lot of extraordinary details. Each figure was proportionally correct in fine lines on the canvas.

If you compare the painting with other allegedly old offered scroll pictures you immediately notice the difference.

Age has left its mark, but overall the painting is in good condition. There are no textile damages and no water stains. Minor color loss is present however without significantly affecting the details.

The fabric frame is preserved almost intact. Only a small part of the original fabric cover is left.

Size including mounting 49.2 x 30.0 " | 123 x 75 cm
image size 20.0 x 16.9 " | 50 x 42 cm

The thangka shows in the center the female deity »White Tara«. She is easily recognizable by her additional five eyes on her forehead, hands and feet, besides her white body color and sitting posture. She is holding a peony stem coming to full bloom at her left shoulder. She is seated in rajalalitsana on a white lotus with a gilt aureole.

Around her eight other smaller »Green« Tara representations are grouped.

Together with her sister the »Green Tara« she enjoys great popularity in the Buddhist cultural circle until today.

The reason for this is especially the Tara protects against eight specific dangers in people's everyday lives. However, each of the physical dangers corresponds to a mental state of mind:

Physical DangersMental Dangers
Poisonous SnakesEnvy / Jealousy
Thieves / RobberyWrong Views
Drunken ElephantsIgnorance
Demons / GhostsDoubts

With the eight small Green Tara pictures grouped around the White Tara the respective protective functions are to be derived by painted attributes in their surroundings. E.g. are shown: a chain for prison, a snake, a lion, an elephant. These attributes are inserted within a small frame in the illustrations of the green Taras.

Beside the nine representations of the Tara is above in the center the Buddha »Amitayus« and Bottom: the mother of all Buddhas »Ushnishavijaya« shown.

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