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White Tara


S o l d

This thangka shows the White Tara in picturesque landscape. She sits on a lotosthrone which is carried by a moon disk. The lotus rises in the middle of a lake.

The thangka is framed under a colour-matched passe-partout under glass.

The back shows the three seed syllables "OH - AH - HUM".

Condition report:

For the age the picture shows a relatively good state of preservation. There are no creases, water or textile damages or extensive loss of painted details. A slight loss of colour in the right half of the face. Beyond that only very small colour loss.

Click on the download icon above to download the high resolution version. Then you will get fine details to judge the condition of the thangka.

Tibet, 19th cent.

Measurements: 13.4 x 10.2 " | 34 x 26 cm
Price: 417 $ | 350 €
Download: High resolution [2.2 MB, 1633 x 2210 px.]
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