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Framed Sutra Page

Shatasahasrika-Prajnyaparamita Sutra

Front Page Back Page Detail Back Page rgya gar skad du bod gar skad du Sugata Dharmadatta Buddha Shakyamuni

This double-sided sutra page framed behind glass contents the Shatasahasrika Prajnyaparamita Sutra, the Prajnyaparamita in its version of »100,000 verses« [Skt. Shatasahasrika, Tib:. Bum].

The paintings depict Buddha Shakyamuni [Tib. Shakya Thubpa] and Sugata Dharmadatta [Tib. Debarshegpa Tshangpejin], one of the 1000 Buddhas who appear in the »Good Age« according to the Bhadrakalpika Sutra.

On the first line at the beginning is writte »rgya gar skad du« - translation: »in Indian« and at the end of the third line is written »bod gar skad du« - translation: »in Tibetan«

This means that the Sutra text is in the Indian tradition. As is common practice in sutras, the title in Sanskrit, which is transliterated in Tibetan script, is followed by the Tibetan text after the above syllables.

Of course this does not mean that now the whole text is reproduced in Sanskrit and Tibetan. The reference to these two languages makes it particularly clear that the work was originally written in Sanskrit.

Age: 20th cent.

More on the historical background of the connection of the Sutra texts translated from Sanskrit to Tibetan.

Measurements: 19.7 x 9.8" | 50 x 25 cm
Price: 163 $ | 150 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Thick Paper, Glas, Wood
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