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Old Seal with name of owner[8]

Personal seal with the name of the owner [8]

This ancient Tibetan seal differs from most other ancient seals when obviously the name of the former owner is noted on it.

A dorke or vajra is depicted vertically in the centre. In its centre it is interrupted by the three Tibetan letters »da–ba-nga«, which means the word »dbang« = »power«. Together with the dorje on the seal face, "Wangdor" would ideally come into consideration as the name of the owner.

At the top is the symbol for the sun and moon [dot and arc]. The dot is also used so that the user - if he is illiterate and cannot read the writing on the seal - can see where the top of the seal is. This prevents the seal imprint from appearing upside down on the document

The leather cord with which the seal could be attached to the belt is still preserved.

Weight = 77 g

Measurements: Ø 0.7 x 2.3" | 1,9 x 5.8 cm
Price: 210 $ | 195 €
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