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Altes tibetisches Siegel [15]

Old Tibetan Seal [15]


In the centre of the seal impression is the Tibetan symbol for the sun and moon [a round circle with a crescent moon underneath]. Sun and Moon are two of the most important polarity symbols in Vajrayana Buddhism. The sun represents the feminine aspect of wisdom and the moon the male aspect of method or compassion.

This symbol also show the illiterate person where the top of the seal is, preventing the seal impression from appearing upside down on the sealed document.

The upper, smaller part of the seals served as a handle. The narrow middle part at the bottom is pierced. A leather strap was pulled through the resulting hole to attach it to the owner's clothing.

In this way, it was always at hand and could be used in everyday life to seal documents.

Measurements: Ø 0.5 x 1.6" | 1.2 x 4.0 cm
Price: 140 $ | 130 €
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