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Old Tibetan Seal [10]

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Old Tibetan Seal [10]

The upper smaller part of this seal from the 19th century tapers down. This part of the seal serves as a handle. The following narrow middle part is pierced. A leather strap was pulled through the hole. With this it could be attached to the owner's clothing. So he had it always at hand and could use it in his everyday life to seal his documents.

The design of the upper part is continued on the lower part, which is twice as large as the lower part, which is attached to the narrow middle side. It is based on the leaves of the lotus flower [symbol of purity] often depicted in Tibetan Buddhism. Symbolic representations of these leaves are also regularly found on the bases of statues of Buddhist deities.

Similar to the bases of Buddhist statues, these leaves encircle the lower part of the seal. The upper part shows floral vines. Three rotating tendrils on the two sides of the handle are striking.

The sealing surface shows traces of dried red ink from years of use.

Measurements: Ø 0.6 x 2.4" | 1.5 x 6.0 cm
Price: 237 $ | 220 €
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