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Amogapasha Plaque

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This metal plaque shows Amoghapasha standing on a single layered lotus throne. His Tibetan name is: 'don yod zhags pa lha lnga'i dkyil 'khor'.

Amoghapasha, which means unfailing lasso, refers to an unfailing compassion like a lasso which brings all sentient beings out of suffering and into a state of happiness leading to enlightenment. Amoghapasha is a complicated deity subject in Tantric Buddhist iconography. He is easily mistaken for Avalokiteshvara in most artistic depictions.

Sometimes Amoghapasha is described as a form, or emanation, of Avalokiteshvara. The very idea of a compassionate deity called Amoghapasha comes out of a number of Indian Sanskrit texts that all have the word-name Amoghapasha in the title. In these texts both Avalokiteshvara and Amoghapasha are described along with different appearances and functions for each.

The strongly worn surface shows that this badge or medal has closely been worn to the body for ages. Presumably it is that old that it has multiply been passed on from father to son or from mother to daughter.

Age: approxinately between 100 - 150 years

Measurements: 8.0 x 5.5 x 1.5
Price: 90 $ | 85 €
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