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Five Srang

[1941 - 1946]

Front Page Back Back of another 5 Srang banknote in better quality Explanation Handwritten Serial No. 53422

Five Srang

The following two-line inscription can be found on the notes with the nominal value of 5 Srang:

»Gnam bskos dga' ldan pho brang phyogs las rnam rgyal.
Chos srid gnyis ldan gyi rab byung bcu drug pa'i shog dngul«

The translation for this is: »From the Ganden Palace, appointed by heaven, which is victorious in all directions. Paper money of the sixteenth cycle of spiritual and secular government«.

To prevent spoilage by insects and rats, roots of poisonous weeds were added during production. By gluing 3 sheets together, a watermark was made possible by inserting the middle sheet with a printed one-line security legend. The one-line security legend is nothing more than a heavily abbreviated version of the inscription quoted above: »dga' ldan pho brang«

Of all four banknotes offered here, this one is by far the rarest still preserved. He is hardly still offered - and if at substantially higher prices than here.

Measurements: 4.7 x 2.8" | 12 x 7 cm
Price: 243 $ | 225 €
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