Dharmapala Thangka CentreTibetan Antiques

Hundred Srang

[1939-1945 und 1951-1959]

Front Page Back Explanation Serial No. 714055

The front page is printed in red and yellow colors with different patterns on the paper. Rhombus patterns form an outer red frame. The Eight Tibetan Lucky Symbols are shown in the following inner frame. At the top left and bottom right there are two black handwritten serial numbers in Tibetan script. The upper corners of the next inner frame show the four Tibetan characters "Tam Srang", while the two lower corners of the Tibetan numbers show "100". In the center two female snow lions hold a bowl with lucky symbols. The red seal of the Dalai Lama and the black seal of the Tibetan government are also shown.

The red outer frame is identical to the front and shows the same rhombus patterns. But the inner frame here is printed with a green flower pattern. Two sitting holy men are depicted in the middle with two crows [= longevity], on the left side two deer [= wealth] are lying on the ground. The holy man holds a magic bottle. [Symbol for fertilizing]. Two bats [= bliss or fortune] can be seen on the top left and right. A small blue dot was printed below the bat in the upper right part as a safety mark. The background shows a landscape with mountains and clouds.

Measurements: 7.9 x 5.1" | 20 x 13 cm
Price: 27 $ | 25 €
High resolution: Display [4.7 MB, 3472 x 5191 px.]
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