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Tibetan jewellery is made from semi-precious stones, turquoise, and lapis lazuli beads, as well as other high-quality materials. Tibetan jewellery was not only collected by aristocratic families, but also worn by lower-class people. Sometimes a piece of jewellery accompanied Tibetans throughout their whole lives.

The items offered here are not antique [Exception...]. Although the coral and turquoise are probably genuine, this cannot be guaranteed as there is no reliable means of verification.

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Hair ornaments 1
1. Hair ornaments 1
Large hair ornaments
2. Large hair ornaments
Hair ornaments 2
3. Hair ornaments 2
4. Coral
Turquise 1
5. Turquise 1
Turquise Gau
6. Turquise Gau
Turquise 2
7. Turquise 2
Earrings 1
8. Earrings 1
Earrings 2
9. Earrings 2
10. necklace