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G a u s / G a os

Amulet boxes or Ga'u made of copper and brass were used to protect the wearers from evil in everyday life. Especially, when traveling. They were with rolled prayers and blessed or sacred objects [small statues, Tsa Tsas or Tsaglis = small thangkas]. They were worn on a belt or sash over the shoulder or around the waist while traveling.

However, there are also larger Gaus that are not worn on the body. One finds them on house altars.

1. Manjushri
Mantra Letter 'A'
2. Mantra Letter 'A'
Kalachakra [1]
3. Kalachakra [1]
4. Padmasambhava
Riding Dharmapala
5. Riding Dharmapala
6. Avalokiteshvara
Square Gau
7. Square Gau
Green Tara
8. Green Tara
Buddha Maitreya
9. Buddha Maitreya
Double Vajra
10. Double Vajra
Silver Gau
11. Silver Gau
Kalachakra [2]
12. Kalachakra [2]
Two connected Gaus
13. Two connected Gaus
Guru Dragpo Gau
14. Guru Dragpo Gau