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Wooden Gau with Akshobhya and Vajrapani Tsa Tsa

Buddhist amulet container

It is easy to see at first glance that this Gau is very different from the others on offer here. It was certainly not made in a workshop that made the filigree metal gaus for monasteries and wealthy private families - as shown here in this chapter.

Inside there is a [3" / 7.5 cm] Buddha AkshobhyaTsa Tsa which is framed by a Tibetan Mantra text written in arched form. Unfortunately the text is illegible, but it is believed to be the mantra of Akshobhya.

It has probably been in a family for a long time [18th/19th cent.] Later they wanted to protect it from damage. That's why it was placed in this gau. It may even have been made by the family themselves.

The relatively simple structure of the Gau suggests that it was made more recently [late 19th or early 20th cent.]. The gau [without the top attachment] was made from a single piece of wood.

In addition to the large Akshobhya tsa tsa, there is another small tsa tsa [maybe Vajrapani] on a small attachment at the top with a window. A cord is used to carry or hang it.

Due to its size and weight this gau was certainly not worn on the body of the owner. It was placed probably on the family's home altar.

It can be assumed that there are still handwritten mantra texts inside. Some yellow fragments of prayer flags can be seen.

Condition: The gau is mostly well preserved. However, there is some damage to the upper attachment of the small tsa tsa. In addition, the framing of the large Tsa Tsa is no longer perfect. Click on the download link below to see the details better when enlarged.

Measurements: 5.7 x 3 x 2.1" | 14.6 x 7.6 x 5.4 cm
Price: 254 $ | 240 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Material: Burned clay and wood
Age: Tsa Tsa: 18th / 19th cent - Gau: 20th cent.
Weight: 0.7 pds. | 315 Grams>
High resolution: Display [1.4 MB, 2486 x 3710 px.]
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