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Old Silver Gau with Chinese Dragons and Symbols

Buddhist Amulet Box

Front of the Silver Gau First Chinese Dragon Second Chinese Dragon Kirtimukha Wishing Juweld Cintamani Open Gau Back Refilled with a Cintamani Tsagli

On the front of this exceptionally finely crafted old silver gaus is the triple Cintamani jewel on top. Below it, on the left and right side, you can see two Chinese dragons. Below in the middle is a »Kirtimukha« face.

In Indian and Southeast Asian art, »Kirtimukha« [Translation: »glorious face«] refers to a monstrous-face-like head with protruding eyes and a wide-open mouth, usually with an abstract split tongue hanging out, which appears on the exterior decoration of many temples or through entrance portals. A popular legend from the Skanda Purana reports that the creature »Jalandhara«, created by Shiva with his »third eye«, consumed itself at the behest of the god, starting with its tail. When she had almost finished the meal, Shiva gave her the name Kirtimukha.

There are two peculiarities of this gau. Normally, Kirtimukha is always on top, but here it appears at the bottom since one preferred to have the triple jewel at the top. It is also interesting that the heads of the dragons were made to look backward, so it doesn't look like they want to eat the triple jewel.

This is an excellent piece of work made by a master silversmith. The silver surface is fogged. The silver is steamed up. It is possible to make the surface shine again. But this would remove the antique character of the gau.

The condition is age-appropriate. The original surrounding pearl edge has unfortunately been lost on the left side of the gau over the years. The surface [front] and copper [back] is slightly worn out by years of use.

In search of valuable contents, gaus were opened after the Chinese occupation of Tibet from 1950. As with most gaus still in existence today, the filling has been lost as a result, this gau is also empty. The last detail photo shows a subsequent filling with a Cintamani Tsagli.

Measurements: Ø 3.4 x 1.2" | 8.7 x 3.0 cm
Price: 254 $ | 235 €
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany
Color: Silver
Material: The front part is silver, the back is in copper
Age: Early 20th cent.
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