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Filled Double Vajra Gau

Buddhist amulet container

Double Vajra Gau with window Side View Open Gau Open Gau VajradharaTsa Tsa Mantra Paper

This copper Gau shows an engraved double vajra [dorje] on the front lid. The Ying Yang symbol can be seen in the middle of the vajra.

The Gau can be opened by pulling the front lid with the double vajra upwards.Inside there is a Vajradhara [tib: Dorje Chang] Tsa Tsa placed on some old prayer flags and a Mantra paper.

Vajradhara, which means 'holding a vajra' [thunderbolt]. He represents the highest state of enlightenment. Here he is shown in union with his female consort Prajnaparamita, a female principle who symbolizes wisdom. Union with her [as shown] represents the attainment of knowledge.

Age: Probably 50 - 60 years

Measurements: 7.4 x 7.3 x 2.5
Price: 232 $ | 225 €
Material: Dark Copper
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