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Preliminary remarks

Today there are only a few experts who are able to read and translate the »Tsugtung« script. The text was translated by three Nepalese monks from a monastery near Bodnath in Kathmandu. In their work, they were confronted with the problem that the choice of words and grammar correspond to a style no longer in use today.

The translation was therefore often limited to a »word for word« transcription. As a result, the original context of the sentences was probably often lost. The following translation is thus often difficult to understand for us today. Nevertheless, the following explanations are possible under the above mentioned restrictions:

The text often contains the terms "treasures" and »treasure finder« [= »Tertön«]. These are not treasures in the material sense, but rather texts of the Buddhist teachings which were hidden to be found only in the future to benefit the beings. Among other things, a hidden valley in a province called »Khenpalung« is mentioned. This province is located in Bhutan.

Nowadays, whatever the place, time, situation, the suffering person, someone who has taken this and future refuge in a secret place in Sadbhumi should realize

great pilgrim [mahatirtha] of the King of secret state of the Khenpalung here inside and outside the secret valley, including the big valley and the small valley, they were first by Lord Shakyamuni as a result of the prayers of evil mara in the future

the ruling and the ruller great men [purusha] have set up a hiding place with a group of devout disciples

In the Middle Ages, to the second Buddha, Pema Galyapo by the Dharmaraja noble men Tibetan people may suffer from disease, famine, and the fear of weapons, especially the five types of evil invaders who ruled the Buddha's rule and the ruling disciples

at the time of defeating all, Buddha dharma and the sentients beings the request to explain the measures of prophecy providing immense benefits and profits . rule and general essence, special teachings [agama]

and the ritual method, especially the secret places big and small to protect from evil invaders, hiding a lot of treasures staying in a place to save from foreign armies

ordering the local Dharmapalas to save the holy men and by stopping the foreign army in the future and to defeat the rebellious evil group

meritfull treasure revealer who reveal treasure himself having praised himself for opening the door of treasure. With the treausres and keys of the province named Khen, to Vidyadhar Pema Lingpa in a way showing information guidence was permitted to open the gates of the place and be allowed to take the land.

Many years later, the fifth Dalai Lama, the omniscient and the jewel of man and god, ordered that the place be the abode of Mahavidyadhar Pema Lingpa and the realm of the disciples. Giving permission for, the disciples ofNirmanakaya [Tulku] should acquire this matter sacred place from the peak of mountain

within that area of the border below Mon, the basis of religious education, the symbol of Triratna, and the ruller noble person who is able to do whatever is said to be the one who has the utmost devotion

if there is a pure feeling of serving religion and essence. Owners of self-realized individuals and group themselves, if there is no definite hesitation, in a way showing the information on the side of the place

collect whatever small merit root and abstaining demeritious sins even tiny, able to make promise do it by heart according to the rules of dharma, to take shelter in this place and the future of the locals, should not say land price and taxes

the establishment of the Bhumi Vihar [Gonpa] symbol, which is not to be wasted on this and the faithful subject of the future, and the good disciples who are practicing the religion to enter the phased religion, etc.

the idea of accepting the importance of selfishness, even if you get to live in that place, the place in between

the place of construction and the service of the respective Guru Sangh, including the religion group, the arrangement of services of the farm and the detailed worship materials

as well as the danger of being severely punished by the Dharmapalas

On the auspicious date of the eighth month of the watwer snake year from the underground walk construction from Jannu Bayul [secret place]

In order to make the text, which as already mentioned is rather unclear in this form, more understandable, a new version follows which makes the content more readable. It is an attempt that does not have the claim to correctness.

Regardless of the place, the time, the situation, and the person suffering, someone who has taken this and future refuge in a secret place in Sadbhumi should realize:

Together with a group of pious disciples, the king of the secret state of the Khenpalung set up a hiding place inside and outside the secret valley, including the large valley and the small valley, for the men ruling in the future. Buddha Shakyamuni had ordered this in response to the prayers of the evil Mara,

For the time of the second Buddha Pema Galyapo, Buddha prophesied disease, famine and fear of violent invaders for the Tibetan people. Buddhist teachings would suffer defeat as a result. All sentient beings would suffer.

To protect against this, Buddhist scriptures should be hidden in secret places. Following these texts could later protect Tibet from foreign armies. The scriptures will command the local Dharmapalas [protectors of the teachings] to save holy men, stop the foreign army and defeat the rebellious evil groups in the future.

The finder of these treasures in due course comes into possession of the keys to the province called Khen which allow him to open the gates of the place and take the land.

Many years later, the fifth Dalai Lama ordered that the place be the residence of Mahavidyadhar Pema Lingpa the realm of disciples. The disciples of Nirmanakaya [Tulku] were to make the sacred place in front of the peak of the mountain within the area of the boundary below Mon the base of their religious education.

For this purpose, a noble person capable of serving the Buddhist religion with utmost devotion should be found. Adherence to the rules of Dharma would protect this place and secure the future of the local people. No taxes or rents should be levied on the land.

A monastery should be built to give good students the opportunity to practice the religion. Whoever is allowed to live in this place contributes to the building of a Sangha [community of believers]. He must follow the orders of his teachers and honor the objects of the monastery. Otherwise, he runs the risk of being severely punished by the Dharmapalas.

On the auspicious day of the eighth month of the Water Snake Year from the underground burrow of Jannu Bayul [secret place].