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Altes Tibetan Document

With Red Seal Imprint

Full View of document with 21 text rows Detail 1 with sealimprint Detail 2 Detail 3 Detail 4 with folded document - 1 Detail 5 with folded document - 2

This old large-format Tibetan document was written on paper with black ink. The script used is called »Tsugtung«, which is the Tibetan cursive script used, for example, for personal and official letters and handwritten notes.

The authenticity of the document was confirmed at the bottom with the red seal impression. For storage, the paper was folded several times [see last two details].

In the earlier days, wood used be a precious material in Tibet. Therefore, Tibetan paper was produced from plant based materials. The advantage of producing the plant based papers was that it could be prevented from insects or other micro organics. The paper was produced from the roots of the chinese plant called Stellerà. This gave the paper a certain toxicity that deterred insects. Likewise, This paper had a long shelf life and was easy to preserve.

Due to the large size [62 x 52 cm | 24.8 x 20.8 "] of the document, it could only be displayed in reduced size on this page. Use the download link below for a highly detailed display.

Almost all documents of this kind did not survive the Chinese occupation since 1950. They were not considered valuable objects by the Chinese and were destroyed as symbols of »Old« Tibet or, at best, given less attention. Tibetans outside monastery walls were almost never in possession of these objects. The few monks who managed to escape out of the country rarely took them with them on their escape. During the Cultural Revolution, almost all monasteries in Tibet were also destroyed. This led to further losses of these artifacts. Thus, today there are very few handwritten and sealed texts of this kind. Even at auctions, therefore, you look for them in vain today.

The content of the text is currently unknown to us, but we are currently working on a translation by an expert and hope to be able to publish it here soon. Perhaps it also contains a clue to the date of origin, which is likely to have been in the 18th or 19thcentury.

High resolution [7.3 MB, 6296 x 7644 px.]

Measurements: 24.4 x 20.5" | 62 x 52 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany