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Lantsa Kalachakra Mantra Book Cover

Total View Lantsa letter 'Pha' Lotus Flower Kalachakra Mantra Lotus Flower Lantsa letter 'Ta' Left edge of the cover with the Tibetan Letter 'Ka' Smaller left edge with carvings The letter 'KA' indicates that this cover is the first of a set of several covers The Tibetan syllable 'Mdo' means translated 'Sutra' Back

Tibetan books are always protected by two wooden cover plates protecting the loose pages in between

The covers are slightly convex at the outside and flat on the inside face.

In the middle of the cover a medallion with the Kalachakra Mantra is depicted.

Two half medallions are carved on the right and left. They show the Lantsa letters 'Pha' [left] and 'Ta' [right].

Between the three medallions, a lotus flower [left] and other lucky symbols [right] were painted with gold ink.

The edges that would have faced outwards on aa monastic library bookshelf is carved with Mantras in Lantsa script. The first letter of the Tibetan alphabet 'ka' is carved on the left side, indicating that the book was the first volume in a series. It is impossible to know from this letter how many volumes were in the series to which this cover belonged as it is not known how many more covers followed or indeed the title of the book it enclosed.

The Tibetan syllable 'Mdo', which means translated 'sutra', stands at the top right of the carved narrow side.

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Alter: 19.th cent.

Gewicht: Weight: 7.9 lbs | 3.6 kg

Measurements: 29.1 x 10 x 1.8 " | 74 x 25.5 x 4.5 cm
Price: 1131 $ | 950 €
Material: Wood
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