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Tibetan Antiques

History of Tibetan Antiques

Art and antiquities collectors became aware of Tibetan antiquities only in the second half of the last century. Until then, the centuries-long isolation of Tibet had also ensured that these objects were known only to a few experts from the West, such as the Austrian Heinrich Harrer and the Italian Tibetologist Guiseppe Tucci.

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A g e

Frequently, interested parties ask about the age of the antiques offered here. This question is justified, but not always correctly answered with certainty.

There are hardly never any dates on the objects, which can be used to answer their origin correctly. It is therefore necessary to estimate the age of the objects. One can fall back on empirical values. However, this is not a guarantee for the indicated age.

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How to realize Thangka Fakes ?

Generally, to the untrained eye, fakes often look better than genuine antiques - they are often intact, invariably un-restored, and their colors are more vibrant. To avoid spending a lot of money on fakes, it is all the more important to follow a few simple principles before making a purchase.

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Old Perak
1. Old Perak
 Tsa Tsas
2. Tsa Tsas
Five Buddha Crown
3. Five Buddha Crown
Tsa Tsa Molds
4. Tsa Tsa Molds
5. Gaus
Surgical Instruments
6. Surgical Instruments
Tsaglis Tsaglis
7. Tsaglis Tsaglis
Book Cover
8. Book Cover
Dorjes / Vajras
9. Dorjes / Vajras
10. Wallets
Paper Money
11. Paper Money
12. Seals
13. Ghanta
14. Thangkas
Coral Pendant
15. Coral Pendant
Powder Horn
16. Powder Horn
Wooden Objects
17. Wooden Objects
Zanpars Dough Mold
18. Zanpars Dough Mold
Protection Plaques
19. Protection Plaques
20. Thogchaks
Conch Shells
21. Conch Shells
Old Glasses
22. Old Glasses
Sutra Pages
23. Sutra Pages