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Alchi Amitayus

Wall Painting in Alchi Monastery - Ladakh

First Photo taken: 02/05/21 Second photo taken: 02/19/21 Third photo taken: 03/05/21 Fourth photo taken: 03/19/21 Fith photo taken: 04/02/21 Sixth photo taken: 04/16/21 Seventh photo taken: 04/30/21 05/14: Corvid 19 Lockdown - Our Thangka Workshop is closed Restart photo taken: 07/16/21 Finished Thangka 08/05/21

The original of this unique thangka is a mural from the 11th century in the monastery Alchi in Ladakh in the Indian West Himalaya. It can be found on the right wall of the left niche on the ground floor of the Sumtsek Temple of the monastery.

Worship of Buddha Amitayus/b>
The scene fills almost the entire width of the lower wall alongside the feet of the monumental figure of Avalokiteshvara. In the frieze at the bottom priests are performing a rite for Buddha Amitayus. The figure in the yellow robes may be Tshulthim Ö, builder of the Sumtsek temple. The Buddha is flanked by two zones of Bodhisattvas and Indian deities, who are likewise paying reverence to him.

Amitayus, Boundless Light, is the Buddha of the Western Paradise, shown here on a throne of peacocks, his symbolic animals. As a mystic Buddha, he is wearing a crown, jewellery and a robe richly decorated with elephants. The throne, too, is opulently decorated. The shading of the colours clearly discerni-ble in the flesh tints and the makaras on the rear wall of the throne is a feature derived from Indian painting that made its way via Central Asia to China and Japan, where it had no enduring effect, however.

The work was completed on 02 August 2021

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Source: "Alchi - Buddhas - Göttinnen - Mandalas, Wandmalerei in einem Himalaya Kloster, Roger Goepper [Text], Barbara Lutterbeck und Jaroslav Poncar[Fotos], Du Mont Verlag, 1982.

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