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Chakrasamvara is also regarded as manifestation of Hevajra who is the central figure of an esoteric cul, the Vajrayana Buddhismm. Vajravarahi is his consort, whom he embraces in the mystical yab-yum position.. Their embrace symbolises union between wisdom and method which leads ultimate bliss.

Chakrasamvara belongs to the Heruka family of the Anuttara Yoga Tantra. Following his meditational path will the practitioner to the bliss of supreme enlightenment. There are many sadhanas describing the religious practices of Chakrasamvara.

Western scholars have become accustomed to call this deity Samvara or Chakrasamvara, but the Tibetans always prefer bDe-mchog, which translates the Sopreme Bliss [Paramasukha] part of this name.