Dhyani Buddha Ratnasambhava

[Third Dhyani-Buddha], [Buddha of precious birth]
Mudra [posture]: vara [charity],
Symbol: cintamani [jewel], Color: yellow, Vahana [vehicle]: horse,
Sakti [consort]: Mamaki,
Element: earth, Boddhisattva: Ratnapani.
Vija mantra [seed syllable]: trah

Ratnashambhava, the third dhyani-Buddha, literally means 'the source of precious or holy things. He is represented seated, with legs closely locked. His left hand, lying on his lap, holds the cintamani [jewel], and his right is in vara [charity] mudra - the arm is stretched downward, the hand having all the fingers extended, and the palm is turned outwards.

Ratnashambhava is given yellow body color, as this color is believed to emanate from him also among the six elements of which man is composed, the element of earth is believed to emanate from Akshobhya. He is the purified aspect of our aggregate of feeling/smell.