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The twenty-one forms of Tara mentioned in the Tara tantra:

  1. Red Nyurma Pamo [myur ma dpa' mo] for development of bodhichitta

  2. White Yangchenma [dbyangs can ma Skt. Sarasvati] for knowledge and wisdom

  3. Slightly bluish Sonam Chokter [bsod nams mchog gter] for the force of merit

  4. White Tsuktor Namgyal [gtsug gtor rnam rgyal, Skt. Ushnishavijaya for long life

  5. Red / yellow Rikchema [rig byed ma, Skt. Kurukulla] for magnetizing people and wealth

  6. White / red Jikché, Chenmo ['jigs byed chen mo] for destroying the power of harmful influences

  7. Black Shyenkyi Mitupma [gzhan gyis mi thub ma] for protection from hailstorms and lightning

  8. red / black Shyen Migyalwa [gzhan mi rgyal ba] for repelling blame

  9. White Sengdeng Nakkyi Drolma [seng ldeng nags kyi sgrol ma,] Skt.Khadiravani Tara] for protection from the eight great fears. [She is the main Tara, green in colour]

  10. Red Jikten Sumgyal ['jig rten gsum rgyal] to have power over the world

  11. Red / yellow Nor Terma [nor ster ma] for dispelling poverty and granting good fortune

  12. Red / yellow Tashi Dönché [bkra shis don byed] for the auspiciousness of children, fame and rain

  13. Red Drapung Jomma [dgra spung 'joms ma] for victory in war

  14. Red / black Tronyer Chendze [khro gnyer can mdzad - Skt. Bhr.kuti] for protection from spirits

  15. White Rabtu Shyiwa [rab tu zhi ba] for purifying harmful actions

  16. Red Barwé Öchen ['bar ba'i 'od can] for dispelling spells and negative effects

  17. Red / yellow Pakmé Nönam [dpag med gnon ma] for protection from robbers, thieves, animals and hunters

  18. White White Mabja Chenmo [rma bya chen mo] to protect from and neutralize poison

  19. White Mipam Gyalmo [mi pham rgyal mo] for protection from quarrels and bad dreams

  20. White Özer Chenma ['od zer can ma] for restoring the spirits and energies of sick people